Oliver's 1st Birthday Info Graphic

I am completely smitten with this little project.  Way back when I was still pregnant, I pinned this inspiration and obsessed over how adorable it was, so I knew I wanted to do something similar for our little babe when the time came.  It's such a sweet cheat sheet of all his 1st year happenings, and as evident below, there were a lot!  So with some photoshop assistance from a friend/graphic guru I made this adorable info graphic of Oliver's first year and we sent them out as thank yous for his birthday.  I really started slacking on the baby journaling after five months, and I, the queen of scrapbooks, have not started a baby book, so this page helps us remember all about the first year of baby.  

1st Birthday Info Graphic

I truly owe the credit of this amazing idea to my inspiration, Life Love and Lucy.  Here is her Etsy shop, where you can order your own personalized baby info-graphic.

Oliver's 1st Birthday Party

Two weeks ago we had all our friends and even my parents made it out from Michigan to celebrate Oliver's first birthday!  Of course I had a blast planning and hand-making all the details, most from recycled denim from the thrift store.  The theme was cowboy, with lots of denim and indigo details (here is my inspiration board), and this kid looks stinkin' cute in a bandana!   We had at least 20 adults and nine babies, it was a perfectly chaotic 1st birthday bash and first party in our new home.  Thank you to everyone that braved the cold cold day to come out and celebrate and thing you to Alesia Myer for capturing the day. 

Cow Boy 1st Birthday
Cow Boy 1st Birthday

I turned his month-by-month instagram posts into a photo wall and the guests loved it. 

Cow Boy 1st Birthday
Cow Boy 1st Birthday
Cow Boy 1st Birthday
Blue Ombre Invite
Cow Boy 1st Birthday
Cow Boy 1st Birthday

A sweet and talented friend made the delicious cake.  

Blue Ombre Cake
Cow Boy Birthday

The birthday boy was a complete ham and had the very best day!

Cow Boy 1st Birthday
Wanted Printable Photo booth sign
birthday fun
Oliver Birthday

photos by Alesia Myer.

I say It's my Birthday

I've taken the longest blogging hiatus I've take in a long while these past few weeks.  I've rewarded myself a little relax time, though probably not as much as I've earned over the past year.  Today though, I won't be celebrating fabulously, I'll be watching the premier if The Bachelor and maybe, if I'm lucky, my husband will make me dinner.  I guess birthdays are less sparkles and presents as you get older, but we all deserve one special day to be selfish and receive all the love we deserve.   Come back the rest of the week to read about my hopes and goals for the year.