Our Holiday Decor

Our house has gradually been getting more and more festive.  Think there is only one more project in my back pocket, until I can count our decorations as done!  Last year we had only been in our house for a couple months and Christmas quickly came upon us, but this year was so much fun to put thought and energy into making our home festive and merry.  Our mid-century modern furniture mixes perfectly with our vintage bulbs and decorations that were hand-me-downs from my grandma, aka actually mid century.  I DIYed the modern wreaths below and added some hand-crafted wood beads to balance the glitter with a little scandinavian understatemnt.  What do you think?  What's your favorite part of your house to decorate?  Despite what these photos show, mine is the outside.  

Holiday decor
DIY wreaths
Meri Meri Advent Calendar
gold garland
polkadot gift wrap
Christmas tree
White Christmas Tree


Christmas Details + a Gifty DIY

We actually had a wonderful weekend out and about in the city, guess I was just a lazy instagramer, because I didn't capture any of it.  But Friday, we went and saw It's a Wonderful Life at the IFC Film Center.  Saturday, I was a gift wrapping maniac and then we went to a holiday party with all of our best friends and Sunday a little holiday brunch party.  Instead, here are some Christmasy details from around the apartment.   

Really proud of my cute little photo ribbon gift tags.

See the full DIY instructions after the jump.

What you need.
  • printed photos
  • Martha Stewart Circle Cutter (just bought this thing for this project and can tell it's going to get a lot of use)
  • cutting matt
  • scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • 1 1/2" ribbon 
  • 5/8" ribbon 
  • glue gun
  • glue stick

1. cut the printed photos into circles, I did 2".

2. Cut slightly larger circles from the scrapbook paper, I did 2 1/2".  Use the glue stick to glue the photo in the center of scrapbook paper circle.

3. Cut circles from plain card stock or scrapbook paper, same size as the circles you cut in step 2.  These will be the back of the ribbon.

4. Cut "tails" from 1 1/2" ribbon, on a 45 degree angles, about 6" long.  Use a glue gun to glue the tails to card stock backing.  

5. Make a circle with glue gun and pleat the 1 1/2" in a circle as shown below.

6. Use glue gun to glue the photo/scrapbook paper circle to center of pleated ribbon wreath.

7. Cut "tails" from the 5/8" ribbon to layer on top of the "tails" you have already glued down.  I used a fine tip marker to write out the tag on the 5/8" wide ribbon.

8. Use glue gun to layer thin tail on top of the thicker tail.  Glue under the pleated ribbon and hurrah! You have a pretty ribbon gift tag!

* this project looks like it will tak a lot of ribbon, but actually I made 5 or 6 tags with one roll of wide ribbon.


I can't believe we made it to 900 posts!  Too bad the 1000 mark didn't correspond with the holiday season, that would have been a much more appropriate Clark Griswold number.  Guess I'll have to come up with something equally as awesome in a few months.  Thank you visiting my little corner of the internet and thank you for keeping me inspired enough to make it here.  Can't wait to see what's to come in the next 900!  Cheers!