Leather Sofas under $2000

A leather sofa, they are everywhere on pinterest and instagram, but they are part of the the best kind of trend, a timeless one!  A buttery, tan leather sofa is an item that's always been on my list.  One of those pieces that I constantly browse craigslist and keep my eyes open at the flea market for.  I'm confident that one day that perfect, supple place to sit my seat will find me.  In the mean time, I have some lovely inspiration of exactly the furniture piece that I lust for, and the best news!  I found seven beautiful, modern, timeless leather sofas under $2000!!!   One tiny disclaimer, the last option is just over 2k, but, if you sign up for emails, you get 15%, landing it under the $2000 mark.  

Leather Sofa
Leather Sofa

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Leather Sofas under $2000

1. Sven Charme (Bryght $1799) / 2. Sorensen Leather Sofa (Restoration Hardware starting at $1721) / 3. Hamilton Leather Sofa (West Elm $1999) / 4. Pasha Oxford Sofa (Overstock $1425) / 5. Reginald Leather Sofa (Overstock $1599) / 6. Axel Leather Sofa (West Elm $1899) / 7. Alfred Leather Sofa (CB2 $2199)

Right Now I'm Feeling // Buffalo Check Furniture

You know when you see something you, and you like it, then you start to see it over and over again.  And you wonder if you really were early on the trend, and now it's everywhere, or did it seep into your brain because you saw it over and over again.  That's what happened to me with the buffalo check trend for interiors.  I LOVE it, I had everyone of these photos below saved to my pinterest, then BAM! Target gets into my head had does an entire beautiful holiday collection centered around the graphic, plaid pattern.  


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Modern Chairs

Chairs, they're so much more than a place to sit, they are a style statement in your home.  I feel that often people choose a comfy sofa, then have the freedom to choose chairs weighing design heavier than comfort.  But not everyone is a designer, so they need a little help figuring out whats what in the vast wold of chairs.  Lucky for us, home decor retailer, One Kings Lane has created a helpful guide to the world of chairs.  Modern Chairs is not only a glossary of important designs and designers, but also a cool history of how we got from the thrones of yesteryear to the updated lines of today.  

One Kings Lane asked me to choose my favorite statement chair in my home, that was easy, my mid-century plywood chair purchased from eBay last year.  And below is a little chart of all the chairs I've been lusting after in recent years, and how I ended up with my one perfect chair.

From the chart above, I think it's obvious that I LOVE the combo of leather and wood, so that was my jumping off point in my search for the perfect chair.  Price eliminated a couple of my favorites from above, including the Rhys on the top left and the Dwell beauty in the middle right.  Design-wise, I wanted to strike a nice design balance.  I think the tufts make this chair seem a little traditional, but the lines and the plywood make it really modern.  The prettiness of the white leather against the naturalness of the wood give it a great juxtaposition.  Though, I do think in the future I will explore the option of getting it recovered in buttery carmel leather, for right now, the white helps keep the room light, airy and feminine.  Plus the size works perfectly in my current space.

1. Rhys: Anthropologie / 2. safari chair: 1st Dibs / 3.  / 4. Eames lounge chair: Herman Miller / 5. my chair: eBay / 6.  Channing: Dwell Studio / 7. Jonathan Adler Whitaker: Horchow / 8. Cherry Arm Chair: One Kings Lane / 9. Draper Club Chair: One Kings Lane

If you need more help in your search, One Kings Lane has an AMAZING selection of chairs at all price points, vintage and new.  Click here to see their current assortment.