The Bag All the Cool Girls Are Carrying

I never pictured myself carrying an impractical, hard straw bag, but I guess when you see something again and again, it just seeps in.  All the cool girls in my world of the internet are carrying Jane Birkin inspired straw basket, specifically this Cult Gaia Bag.  And suddenly this cheap material looks so chic.  Keep scrolling to see my other picks. 

Cult Gaia Tote
Cult Gaia Tote
Cult Gaia Tote

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Capsule Wardrobe Edit // Essential Bags

Ugh, there are so so many beautiful bags out there.  You could spend an entire year's salary and still not have all the bags you covet.  Because your wallet and your closet (probably) can't hold all of the bags in Barney's, figuring which styles you absolutely need in your life will help you decide what bags you should actually invest in.  As a handbag designer, I feel very confident dispensing my expertise in this category, so even though, these are probably the priciest pieces of any wardrobe, I am beginning building my dream capsule wardrobe here.  

A few things to consider before investing, first, how does this style work for my life, for example, I would never buy the Celine Phantom bag, because I do not like hard shapes.   Second, is it truly an everyday investment bag?  It's easy to fall pray to going for the season's "it" bag in the season's "it" color because you saw it half off at Saks.  Half off of some designer bags is more than some people's rent, so be sure it's something you'll love for seasons to come, and not the patchwork de jour that you will tire of in six months.  The styles I've chosen below are investments for sure, but they are bags I have already been eyeing for years, and in colors that and shapes that will grown with me as my style matures.   What are your essential bag styles? 

Capsule Wardrobe: Bag


Crossbody bag

A cross-body bag is an essential, for more casual days, weekend and especially vacations.  An easy cross-body that can fit all your stuff, but allows for hands-free shopping days, or easy grocery runs.  As I continue to pare down my wardrobe and my life, this style is a must-have. 


perfect going out bag

A classic going out bag is essential for any woman.  And the truth is, if it's THE bag, one is all you need.  I wish I could go back and undo all the silly bag purchase I made to wear to a specific place, with a specific outfit, and instead invest in the one perfect bag that compliments any outfit, and actually fits my night-out essentials.  Here are a few of my favorites. 


Capsule wardrobe: Perfect everyday bag

Your chic everyday bag, is an obvious closet must-have.  This bag can be designer, but doesn't have to be.  It should elevate your overall look, which doesn't necessarily mean expensive and above all, it should fit your lifestyle and bag preferences.  If you are going to invest, invest in a bag that is easy for you to use, for example, I prefer a long shoulder strap and a medium sized bag.  I like easy access, so maybe a flap isn't right for me, even though, the Chlo√® Faye is atop my list. 


Capsule Wardrobe: Interview bag

The list above is more of a wish list, and less a closet inventory, but the one bag I have invested in is what I'm calling "the interview bag."  As shallow as it sounds, I think an investment bag makes you look elevated and powerful.  This bag is great for taking client meetings, or as the name suggests, going on interviews.  This bag should should be clean, classic and elevated.  It should be large enough to fit papers, your laptop or tablet.  


Capsule Wardrobe: backpack

I have only recently discovered the magic of a backpack.  After years and years of carrying literally all the weight on my left shoulder, I found backpacks!  I could not be happier that this style has made a comeback in recent years.  It makes so much sense, especially for us city dwellers who aren't just walking from car to building.  And conveniently for the fashion set, this new wardrobe essential is chicer than ever. 


Capsule Wardrobe: Carryall tote

As a commuter and a general shlepper, I am always, always carrying an extra bag.  If that bag isn't chic, it can bring down the whole look.  I have yet to find and invest in the perfect everyday, carry-all tote.  This bag has to be light-weight, durable, and work with everything.  Here are a few of my choices that meet these requirements. 

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Must have // Camel Cross Body

Last week I shared my must have summer sandals, today, the bags I'm loving for the season.  These choices are both affordable and classic, so we are talking win-win when it comes to cost per wear.  Right now I'm coveting a light neutral, cross-body bag.  I want a classic shape, a saddle bag, drawstring or camera bag in that perfect sandy tan color that looks amazing with jeans and pops off your white pants.  These minimal bags are classics will never go out of style.  

MYR Saddle Bag
Chloe Saddle Bag
Chanel Camera Bag
Henri Bendel Bag

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