Wedding Wednesday (Honeymoon Wardrobe)

I am totally smitten with the beach shop look book from Club Monaco.  It arrived in my inbox the other day and I immediately thought how perfect these looks would be on honeymoon.  The etherial white ensambles could work anywhere from Bora Bora, to the Greek Ilses to Cape Cod.  

My picks for the perfect honeymoon look.

Honeymoon V: Roma

For the final stop on our trip, we went back to Rome.  Here, we did an apartment swap using  This was our second exchange and both were amazing experiences.

We spent our two days in Rome seeing all the sights, hitting the museums and eating as much pasta and drinking as many delicious cappuccinos as possible before we got back to reality.

We toured the Colosseum, 

visited the Vatican Museum and St. Peter's Cathedral,

the Spanish Steps,

the Roman Forum,

and the Pantheon.

Of course we spent time doing my very favorite Roman activity, people watching in the piazzas. 

Exhausted from trying to see Rome in two days, we headed back to New York, back to reality, to begin our lives as newlyweds.

Honeymoon Part IV: Capri & Positano

After our date night in Rome we hopped on a train, then a ferry back to the Mediterranean, to Capri.  We stayed at Relais Maresca, a beautiful hotel right off Marina Grande, the port where the ferries drop you.  We had a beautiful view of the water and all the comings and goings.  We arrived in the early after noon and headed up the mountain to Ana Capri to take in the views and shop the quaint, little, winding streets.  After cleaning ourselves up, we took the funicular to Capri for a lovely walk and dinner.  

The following day we took a boat tour around the island and into the amazing Blue Gratto.  The cliffs, the charming buildings, the stung lights and the bright pink flowers make this Iland a must see and with out a doubt one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

Once we hopped off the boat tour around Capri, we hopped on another boat to our next destination, Positano.

We stayed at the most charming B&B, Casa Cuccaro.  It was actually about a 30 minute bus ride up the winding mountain roads to a teeny tiny village called Nocelle.  

We had yet another incredible view from our room of the next village over, Praiano.  

And from the roof we could see Southwest, Positano, back to Capri and beautiful rolling mountains overlooking the sea.

We spent our first day in Positano at the beach, shopping for souvenirs and exploring the town.

Our second day, we rented a scooter and drove down the coast to Sorrento.

Before we said "good bye" to Nocelle, we took a hike even further up the mountain to see some of the most incredible views yet.

After Positano, we headed back to Rome for the final stop on the trip.  More on that tomorrow.