Sconce Update

We are tackling the kitchen little by little and are probably about half done.  It's turned into quite the project, but is looking AMAZING!  One of the small victories for me this weekend was updating the sconces in the laundry area.  They were terrible!  I shopped around online and then thought that I could probably give the old eye-sores a quick makeover for a result that was practically free.  I had the paint, so I just needed the bulbs, and $6 later, I think it looks like a million bucks!

First I took off the shades, I actually had to break them off, carefully, inside a plastic bag, and gently taped them with a hammer.  Then I taped off the socket and put on a coat of black, matte spray paint.

Once that was dry, I covered the black portion with bags and the inner socket with tape and painted the outside of the socket with gold spray paint.

Then I rehung the sconce upside down and tada!  Amazing transformation to industrial charm!

Like I mentioned, I already had the paint, but I think even if I didn't the entire project would have cost me about $13.  What a transformation!

10 Awesome Flush Mount lighting Options

We are just getting to the changing out lighting phase of settling in our new house.  I had my trusty chandelier, that has hung in my last three apartments, picked out for the front entry way, when I realized that the with the low ceilings and the close proximity of the stairs, it wouldn't work.  After coming from our last apartment, with over 10 foot ceilings, I am getting a reality check on the lighting situation in most homes.  So I set out to find a flush mount fixture with all the wow of a great chandelier or pendant.  Any of the ten choices below would be a major upgrade from the standard "boob" light.  

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 56 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Don't forget to look up

This past week was sensory overload, and I have more to share, but this is all I could muster last night.  Of course the bags, clothes and accessories was all very inspiring, but equally so was the beautiful decor of the boutiques of Paris we shopped in Le Marais, in the 1st Arrondissement, where we spent most of our time shopping on Saturday.  

Every time I looked up, there was something new to drool over.  I love the added crystals and the chandelier against eh raw beams.

just fun!

loving the globes.

a lei draped over a modern fixture, brilliant!

and don't forget to look down, either.