Five Modern Ways to Display Family Photos

Gone are the days of the piano or bay window lined with family photos framed in maple and propped up to collect dust.  But, you still want to display your treasured photos, so why not try one of these modern suggestions below? 

Oversized Prints - 

If you saw my post last week, you know that I'm feeling the oversized portraits.  I love these engineer prints, for a couple of bucks you can have fabulous modern family photos. 

Over Sized Print

Graphic Gallery Wall -

More than the mix-and-match gallery walls that were popular a few years back, I love their more graphic cousins.  Black and white, or color-themed photos that line up nicely, like a well curated instagram feed. 

Graphic Gallery Wall

Stacked Up High -

A top a cabinet or other unexpected spot, leaning frames give a casual look.

Stacked Up High

Art Shelf - 

Art ledges are back and are the perfect way to display family photos and makes it easy to swap out and change them around as the kids grow or even with the seasons. 

Art Shelf

Unexpectedly Placed Gallery - 

I love a family photo gallery wall in a really unexpected place, like the stairwell or a powder room.  What a great way to display your treasured photos with out them being the focal point of a main room. 

Unexpected Placement

And one more oversized photo for good measure. 

Oversized Family Photos

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Right Now I'm Feeling // Oversize Portraits

I love the whole awesome landscape art thing that's happening right now.  I love the overhead beach scenes by Max Wagner, Gray Malin and Christian Chaise.  I actually have several prints by said photographers, but in contrast to the saturation of oversized landscapes, I am loving oversized portraits.  From celebrities, to real people, a photo full of depth and emotion is a great idea for your next art purchase.

Oversized Portrait
Oversized Portrait
Oversized Portrait
Oversized Portrait
Oversized Portrait
Oversized Portrait
Oversized Portrait
Oversized Portrait

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