One Room Challenge // Garage Turned Studio Makeover Reveal

Welcome to the big reveal!!  To say that this I was flying by the seat on my pants on this project is an understatement.  Six weeks ago, I decided to participate in the One Room Challenge.  During previous cycles, I've followed other blogger's journys in renovating and documenting a room in 6 weeks, I've always wanted to play along, and I finally threw my hat in this time, only to be sidelined for the worst reason possible, the loss of my dad.  You can read my whole tribute post to my dad here, but he was my inspiration to work my butt off and finish in time for the reveal.  Without further adieu, the after, a highly functional garage space that is half studio, half storage, and a home for my Vespa and a one mini VW bus.

Before, the garage, as many are, was a dirty mess.  The floors were dirty, the workbench, covered in tools, nothing was organized and storage boxes were stacked on top of each other, instead of neatly placed on a shelf.

So, what did I do?  

  • painted all the walls and ceiling, Polar Bear by Behr, my favorite white paint color
  • Painted the cabinets in Valspar "Swiss Coffee" which were recycled from my kitchen, which I removed to add open shelving, hung cabinets
  • Installed shelving on back walls for tools and paint
  • refinished the work bench
  • hung decorative shelf and peg board for organization
  • refinished the floors with Rust-oleum Rocksolid Marble in Mountain white
  • Installed a storage wall
  • unified storage to create a cohesive look
One Room Challenge Garage Storage

My biggest challenge aside from the time constraints, was working with the concrete walls.  I foolishly decided to put all my storage on the concrete blocks, leaving right wall free to use as a white backdrop for projects and photos.  In order to hang anything on the concrete blocks you need to use lag shields and lag screws.  For each screw you need to drill a whole into the concrete, many of them took at least 10 minutes to drill, and I estimate I needed about 46 screws, that's almost 8 hours of just drilling!!  

One Room Challenge Garage Turned Studio // Undeclared Panache
One Room Challenge Garage turned Studio
One Room Challenge Garage Makeover
One Room Challenge Garage Turned Studio // Undeclared Panache
Undeclared Panache Garage Studio

Despite the challenges, I am thrilled with how this room turned out.  It's so pretty that I don't want to mess it up, but I can't wait to start a project in this space.   


Storage Wall: Elfa storage systemdrawerswood crates / handled wood box / white tote bins (used as recycling on floor) / large white tote bin (on top shelf) / small white tote bins (on middle shelf)

Hanging organization: Rubermaid Fastrack System

Paint: Walls and ceiling - Behr Polar Bear / Floor - Rust-oleum Rocksolid Marble floor refinishing kit in Mountain White / cabinet paint - Valspar "Swiss Coffee"

Dresser - thrifted (refinished on this post) / work bench - left by previous owner, refinished using Minwax Antique Walnut / Rug - souvenir from Morocco (similar) / paper lantern - Elbow Grease Design

A BIG thank you to Linda at Calling It Home for pulling this all together.  And another thank you to Rust-oluem for sponsoring the floor refinishing.  And finally to Kathy Davies for the amazing photos! See all the amazing reveals here.


One Room Challenge // Week 3

Week three, half way there and my room hardly looks any more done than it did a week ago.  Incase you missed week 1 and week 2, I am participating in my first One Room Challenge, hosted by Calling It Home.  My quest is to turn my one car garage into an industrial-modern studio/storage hybrid.  The place is still a disaster, but we are getting there.  I feel like I've spent most of my time moving stuff back and forth across the room.  I had two walls to paint and the ceiling (!) and it's not like I'm just going to bring in all the dirty garage stuff into the house, so I've been moving it, and moving it, and moving it yet again.  The paint is pretty much done, except a few touch up spots.  So now I have a big white box, with a giant mess in the middle, but that's step two of nearly all of my projects.  Lol.  

This photo from A Beautiful Mess is getting me excited to get to my favorite part, organization! 

Garage Storage

So here's where we're at, the ugly truth photo.  It may not look like it, but we've come a long way.  So far, I painted the walls in Polar Bear by Behr.  That is my go-to color everywhere in my house.  My husband helped me hang the cabinet, which is recycled from my kitchen, we took it down to replace it with open shelving.  The cabinet needs some reinforcement before I put the doors back on and load it up, but I am ITCHING!  

I began hanging shelving on the back wall, which will hang on either side of the work bench.  I also started gathering organizational containers to load up the shelves once they are up on the walls. 

One Room Challenge Week 3

This week I am gathering storage containers to use as I get the shelving on the wall.  Since my color palette for this project is very neutral and clean, I need to swap out my traditional clear plastic bins for something more aesthetically pleasing.  Here is what I'm planning to use. 

Garage Storage Plans

1. Elfa Utility Track / 2. Elfa Hooks / 3. wood crates / 4. handled wood box / 5. small white tote bins / 6. large white tote bins

So what's still left?

  • hang peg board and shelving on back wall
  • hang shelving on storage wall
  • hang utility track
  • refinish work bench
  • refinish floor
  • hide fluorescent lighting
  • treat myself to a beer! 

Missed the previous posts?  See week 1 and week 2

One Room Challenge // Week 2

Week one of the One Room Challenge is in the books.  In case you missed last week's post, here is the link.  I am embarking on turning our one car, garage, that currently looks like your basic garage, with messy, mis-matched storage, sporting equipment strewn about.  My plan is to turn this place into a super functional studio space for large projects, with lots of great storage solutions.  

One Room Challenge

Right now, it looks like a tornado hit it, as I've taken everything off the walls to start painting.  So progress photos are not really exciting just yet.  I have ambitious plans for this week, including painting the rest of the walls, hang the cabinets and start to install shelving and peg board on the back wall.  I've been giving a lot of thought to how I want this space to function and spent a good chunk of time researching other people's beautiful studio spaces.  Below are the blueprints for the key organization areas.  

One Room Challenge Plans
One Room Challenge Plans

Once the shelving is up, I am thrilled to refinish the floors with Rust-oleum Rock Solid Garage floor refinishing kit.  A HUGE thank you to Rust-oleum for sending!! 

One Room Challenge