A Month of Shoes (November)

Eleven down, one to go, in this quest to record my year through photos of my feet.  This month we slowed down and stayed put in the city.  I spent my weekends at my photography class and practicing my skills.  My winter wardrobe came out and the Vespa went in storage.  We caught a basketball game, did some shopping and hosted our first Thanksgiving!  It was a wonderful month to usher in the hectic
Holiday season.

A Month of Shoes (October)

Welcome to the tenth month of my year-long quest to capture my life through photos of my feet, and hopefully weed out a pair of shoes or two when all is said and done.  

October, I barely remember the whirl-wind 31 days.  Kicked off the month with a beautiful wedding, then a quick jaunt to Pennsylvania, followed by the two longest weeks of work in my life.  I ended that streak by flying to Michigan and throwing a party for my mom.  In between, we house hunted upstate, went to the Lower East Side Pickle Fest and celebrated Halloween.  And just like that, it's the holiday season!   

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