Things Ollie Says

This kid of mine!  Life with him keeps getting better and better.  Two and half is the best age!  Oliver can carry on a conversation.  The silliest things pop into his head at any given moment.  He can't hang up any FaceTime call without hugging and kissing each and every person on the other line.  Oliver is about 90% potty trained!!  Woo Who!  He thanks me every day for making him dinner and he is obsessed with baseball.  His favorite toys are the silly little toys he gets from McDonalds or Walgreens.  Ollie takes the better part of an hour to put to bed.  He likes to fake cry then watch himself doing so in the mirror.  Seriously.  He is just so fun and I am so lucky to be his mama.  Now, some of the silly and hilarious things I've heard come out of Ollie's mouth lately.

Kids are funny

We went shopping at Old Navy the other day and he told his dad: "We went to Old Lady, Dad."

We sat down to dinner the other day and Ollie say's, "Okay guys, let's talk."  /   we say: "what do you want to talk about?"  /   Ollie: "school."

I came home from work the other day and he ran up to me and said, "Oh!  I like your dress, mom!  Nice dress!"

A muppet came on a comercial and Ollie says: "Name!(?)"   /  I say: ugh...Bob.  /  Ollie: Bob Seger!  

Not sure where he got this one, and I've been trying to get to the bottom of it.  When he is having trouble climbing on to our bed he says, "I'm not drunk, mom."

The other day he was driving is battery powered VW bus around, abruptly stopped and exclaimed, "I got to get gas!"

Kyle talks about baseball to Oliver on the daily.  When asked who his favorite Tiger is, he has said "Ian Kinser" (lead-off batter and 2nd base) since the beginning of the season.  The other day, Kyle got him out of bed and unprompted the very first thing Ollie says: José Iglesias, favorite Tiger.  /   Kyle: What about Ian Kinsler?    /   Ollie: Huh...No.  José Iglesias.

photo: A. Fatouros Photography


Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Easter baskets are pretty much my favorite gift to put together.  Better than stockings, because the Easter basket is the centerpiece of the spring holiday gift giving.  I love a good curated gift package.  Right now Oliver is obsessed with his kitchen, so food items were at the top of my mind.  Of course no Easter basket is complete with out some goodies.  Finally, Ollie is all about games and puzzles and his Where's Waldo book.  I thought the perfect place to turn was my friends at Pinhole Press.  They have the cutest personalized games and creative educational gifts.  I ordered a personalized memory game for Oliver and great news, I am offering 25% off for you to order any of their kid gifts with offer code PANACHE.  The offer is good until April 9th.  

Easter Basket Ideas

1. Every toddler could use an adorable, unbreakable wooden bunny plate.

2. A personalized memory game from Pinhole Press is the perfect game for you and your toddler.

3. Because my little is obsessed with his kitchen and cooking I thought he would look oh so cute in this apron from the very chic The Maryn Shop.  

4. Cookie decorating supplies for a post egg hunt baking session.

5. My little chef needs more play food to prepare for mom and dad. 

6. spring cookie cutters paired with #4.

7. The cutest hat, so we're prepared for the summer sunshine.

8. Every Easter basket needs candy

9. and maybe some cookies too

10. an African basket makes for a chic and updated souvenir from the bunny

11. Don't forget the grass!


Pinhole Press is offering my readers 25% off of kid gifts with offer code PANACHE.

Traveling to Iceland with a Toddler

I shared everything we did in Iceland, but I wanted to share a few tips about traveling to Iceland and specifically traveling to Iceland with a toddler.  All in all, I would say it's a great place for a toddler if your kid can handle the car.  My husband helped out to come up with 10 tips we learned this time around.  

Reykjavik with a toddler
  1.  Schedule a flight to coincide with bedtime or naptime.  
  2. Load up the iPad. We are pretty middle of the road when it comes to watching videos on devices, we try not to use it too much, but when you’re on the plane or on a road trip, you just might need it to get you all through.
  3. Keep a change of clothes at the ready at all times. I know this is parent 101, but something we rarely do. We an incident on both the inbound and the outbound flight and definitely needed them.
  4. A place like Iceland, you definitely need a baby carrier. He can’t hike on cliffs or be pushed in a stroller around a waterfall. Be sure he is comfortable in the carrier. The last time we used the carrier before this trip was several months ago, and he was not into it.
  5. . Pack snacks. My kid is only picky sometimes, and I never know when it’s going to strike.  Somehow he seems to know the American Ritz from the Icelandic Ritz and was basically on a hunger strike most of the trip. I wish we had packed a few more things that I was 100% confident he would eat.
  6. I like this one from Kyle - Don't let comments from others psyche you out, "oh wow you're brave" -- they usually mean well but dont know what to say when you say you're traveling with a toddler.
  7. Budget your time realistically knowing a kid slows you down.  It's usually safe to plan one thing before nap time and one thing after, but more than that, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  
  8. Along the same lines, be flexible. Kid doesnt know there's an itinerary (try to
    experience it through his or his eyes).
  9. Pay a little extra to stay close to where the action is.  It will make your life easier when you have to run back for naps or any other number of reasons. 
  10.  Less is more.  Hotels have cribs/pack'n'plays, car rental places have carseats, stores have diapers.  There is no need to lug those things half way around the world.    
Reykjavik with a toddler
Iceland with a toddler
Iceland with a Toddler
Iceland with a Toddler

What are your best tips for traveling with kids?