Travel Lust (Provence, France)

I have come to discover that I am my best self in Europe.  I am happier, more alive and more in love.  The charm of the European cities I've visited have casted a spell on me.  But now, it's time to explore the less touristy places.  I've been following along with Bri Emery's recent European adventure on Instagram, that coupled with watching a recent episode of Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown, in which he visits Lyon, France, has me itching to explore authentic, off-the-beaten-path foodie heavens. 

Stay: in an amazing AirBnB, a chateau, yes a chateau, in the French Countryside.

Do: a wine tour.  We are in French wine country, seems like a waste not to take advantage.  Plus, apparently Provence Wine Tours has offerings with views like this photo!

Experience: A French cooking class.  I may even eat and touch meat to get the full experience of the French cuisine. Provence Gourmet offers an authentic French cooking experience.

Shop: The markets.  My two favorite things, cheese, at Les Halles in Lyon and a flea market, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue Market.

Travel Lust (Alaskan Cruise)

I wouldn't say I've always wanted to go on an Alaskan Cruise, but thinking about all the beauty in our own country makes me want to further explore America, and Alaska is a destination many people will never travel.  Before all the reality show hullaballoo and reality boom changes the landscape, I'd like to see Alaska in all it's natural beauty.   

Sail: I have not done enough research to know which is the best and/or cheapest cruise line to see Alaska, nor do I have any prior cruise experience, but the 7-day Alaskan Cruise on the Crown Princess, sounds like the perfect plan for my hypothetical Alaskan adventure.

Experience: If we could time the trip to see the Northern Lights, that would check something off my bucket list with this trip. Explore: Sitka and Ketchikan, two charming, historic towns built against the most stunning backdrop

See: Whale watching and glacier bay.  I think these two things are a must for my Alaskan adventure to be considered successful in my book.

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Travel Lust: Belize

A few years back, we took one of our favorite vacations ever to Costa Rica.  While we don't love the idea of going back to the same place, that trip had it all, especially a perfect balance of relax time and adventure.  And, when it's 15 degrees outside, nothing sounds better than a beach and warm sunshine, so why not explore another Central American country?  How about Belize!  I'm in!

Stay: Hamana si Resorts, a beautiful beach-front resort offering a variety of beautiful accommodations and lots of adventurous excursions.

Do: Cave tubing.  There may be nothing more fantastic in my book, then an adventure activity that is also relaxing.  Cave tubing may be that perfect balance.

Experience: snorkeling The Great Blue Hole.  While my first snorkeling experience wasn't my very favorite activity, I would be willing to give it another try at one of the top 10 scuba diving spots in the world.

See: jaguar reserve and wildlife tours.  While we probably can't top the many amazing animals we saw in Africa last year, that was a gateway drug to want to experience more wildlife in it's natural habitat.  And Belize has a lot to offer.

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