The City

As one of the biggest fans of "The Hills" and a New Yorker myself, I was ridiculously pumped for "The City's" premier on Monday. I loved Whitney from her very first appearance on "The Hills" as she's a good friend and advise giver, level headed, and worked at Teen Vogue, my personal dream gig. In watching I gathered the following thoughts about about Whitney:
1. Like me she LOVES short skirts
2. She loves to take fashion risks (can say that I agreed with the get-up she sported at The Hills finale party)
2. Can't figure out if she's supposed to be an uptown or downtown girl
3. I love her, but I'm not sure she can carry an entire show, especially with out super villains, Spencer and Heidi.

I loved "The Hills" so much because I feel like Lauren Conrad and I have a lot in common. Plus, I practically grew up with the girl, as I've been watching her life since "Laguna Beach" debuted in 2004. I think I'm going to love "The City" equally as much, but for completely different reasons:
1. MTV is bringing NY stereotypes to the forefront by labeling every character as either "uptown" or "downtown"
2. I can see where the "hot spots" are in NYC according to MTV (even more so as "Real World: Brooklyn" is about to begin)
3. I know I live in Harlem, so everything is downtown to me, but according to MTV, Whitney went to an "Uptown Dinner Party" in Tribecca???
4. Jay is a hunk and looks strikingly similar to Adrian Grenier, which is probably why I like him so much

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

If there is one thing I love it's shoes and the following are beauties if I've ever seen them. Omelle is a new line of shoes by two gals from Cali, one of which is the cousin of my best friend. Their debut collection has already graced the pages of Vogue! These shoes are truly statement pieces. Sculptural and detailed they are the icing to any perfect outfit.

Here's a list of places you can purchase them if you have yet to get your New Years party shoes.