Capsule Wardrobe Edit // Skirts

It seems like skirts have down trended for a while in favor of dresses, but see a resurgence of the separates.  Since my outfit post last week featured my latest addition to my closet, a lovely suede midi skirt, I thought I'd focus this edition of my capsule wardrobe edit on skirts.  As I get older, I don't feel like micro minis are as appropriate as they once were.  The hems in my closet have grown over the years, but showing a little leg is still something I'm a fan of, considering how hard I work for these stems.  As a 30 something mom, the sexiness of the skirts I wear has shifted from the length to the silhouette.  Jersey skirts that cover your skin, but show your body are more the way to go.  Pencil skirts are a classic career staple that can swing from board room to casual when paired with sneakers.  Here are the three skirt style staples every girl should have in her closet, the midi skirt, the leather skirt and the denim skirt. 

Capsule Wardrobe - skirts


How to wear a skirt over 30
Capsule wardrobe: the skirt

The midi skirt can be voluminous or it can be slim, and if you're not limiting your capsule wardrobe to a specific number of pieces, I think there is room for both.  When buying your midi skirt, I think it's best to stick to solid colors, especially white and black, add interest through texture.  Fit is key for this item, so be sure you find the right size and tailor ill-fitting garments that you do not want to edit.  


Capsule Wardrobe: the skirt

The leather skirt is an edgy classic and worth the investment.  It's a great piece that can be worn for a night on the town, paired with a sweater, as above for an easy and chic day look and worn with a button down for work.  Leather will never go out of style.  


Capsule Wardrobe: Skirt

Finally, my last must have skirt style, the denim skirt.  I debated including this style, probably in large part, because I over did my micro mini denim skirt in my collage days.  But styles have changed and seeing the photo above, I was reminded that not all denim skirts have to be paired with Ugg boots or flip flops.  When styled well, the denim skirt can be quite chic.  I especially love the retro-feeling button front styles that are trending now.  

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Us moms don't get much time to rest.  It seems we're always running errands, cleaning the bathrooms, doing the laundry, and the list goes on.  That's why my Sunday mornings are precious to me.  It's one of the few times during the week when I get to slow down, enjoy my coffee in bed, snuggles with my boys, and making breakfast with my little.  We recently discovered the deliciousness of french toast sprinkled with powdered sugar, and Ollie loves to help make it.  Sunday mornings really are a little bit of magic around here, and I stepped up my cuteness from my normal sweatpants to this adorable lace up Tobi sweatshirt.  The best part is, once all the snow melts, I can throw on a pair of boots for a cute and chic weekend look.  

Sunday morning rituals
Sunday morning rituals
Sunday morning rituals
Sunday morning rituals
Sunday morning rituals
Sunday morning rituals

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Outfit Idea // Suede Skirt

As I continue to flush out my capsule wardrobe, one of the pieces I keep getting stuck on is the skirt.  My legs are my best feature, and in my 20s I was a miniskirt queen.  Now that I'm a 30 something mom, I don't feel appropriate in many of those minis I once donned for nights out.  That said, I still think the skirt is a wardrobe essential, especially for those of us who love our lets.  Though I'm on a shopping diet, I found this suede skirt at the All-Saints outlet store and couldn't pass it up.  I think it is the perfect skirt for a 30-something mamma.  Here are my five rules for wearing skirts for the over 30 crowd.  And yes, I'm I realize that I'm talking about dressing like a grown-up while sporting pink hair.

Suede Skirt

1. Mid thigh is too high.  I will restate that I love showing off my legs, I mean, I run a lot of miles to keep these babies in shape, but I find there's definitely a length that feels inappropriate as I get older.

2. When showing off your legs, cover up the top.  It's better to find a balance

3. A pencil skirt can be dressed up or down and is a 30-something wardrobe essential.

4. The denim skirt you owned in college, probably isn't right for you now, 10 years later. 

5. Don't be afraid to layer or pair skirts in unexpected ways.  A turtle neck sweater goes great with a jersey skirt and t-shirts pair perfectly with a leather skirt and sneakers.  

suede skirt and chambray
Suede skirt